Sinus Surgery

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Some people experience chronic sinusitis despite adequate therapy with antibiotics and drugs for relief of symptoms. Those that have a CT scan indicative of sinus infection as well as those with any complications of sinusitis may benefit from sinus surgery.

  • The surgery is performed endoscopically using the same fiberoptic nasopharyngoscope used to make the diagnosis.
  • The goal is to remove obstructive mucosal disease, open the OMC or nasal passageway, and allow drainage of the sinuses.
  • During the surgery, nasal polyps can also be removed, and a crooked nasal septum can be straightened, leading to improved airflow.
  • Long-term nasal steroids and periodic antibiotics may still be necessary.
  • A continuing sinus infection may need further investigation. A culture obtained during a routine office visit or during endoscopic surgery may reveal anaerobes, which require treatment of broad-spectrum antibiotic drugs, or fungi, which require treatment of antifungal medications.

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