Miss G. USA
Procedure: Voice Feminization Surgery

I am very glad that I came to Yanhee to have my surgery with Dr. Ornouma and her team. Throughout my time in the hospital, the staff has been very attentive to all my needs and I have always felt that my care was in the best of hands
Communication before coming to Thailand was excellent, all questions answered and I felt very well informed about my procedure and all that I could expect.

I am very happy with my result; it will make such a positive change to my life. I feel that Dr. Ornouma must be one of the most skilled voice change surgeons in the world.

I will not hesitate to recommend voice change surgery with Dr. Ornouma as visiting Yanhee for other procedures. Thank you.

Ms. Hidee, Philippines
Procedure: Feminization Laryngoplasty
My experienced with Yanhee Hospital and Dr. Ornouma was amazing. From the moment I researched the procedure online up to when I got home from the day my stitches were removed.

The website was very easy to access and an immediate response to inquirer will be expected, an international liaison will be assigned to you depending on what country or nationality you belong to.

Once appointment is settled, a pickup service will be waiting for you in the airport, friendly nurses will be there to guide you in the hospital, thank you nurse Lucel. All the staff is willing to give a hand. The facilitator and rooms are also impressive.
Dr. Ornouma is the sweetest and nicest surgeon someone can ever have. She’s very good at her profession and very professional. She makes sure to see that the procedure was done perfectly from the time of check up to the day the stitches are removed.

I am very happy, pleased, and amazed with the whole experienced, and I recommend to everyone to have their surgery choice is Yanhee Hospital.
Ms. Zulmi, Indonesia
Procedure: Feminization Laryngoplasty

I heard about the hospital from the internet and from others that well known good reputation of the hospital. So I have no doubt in my mind to do my voice feminization surgery here.

When I came here, I feel very comfortable coz from the staff information center to the nurses and the doctor, they are all approachable, informative, and so friendly.

I feel like I come to the right place to do my surgery and now since I have a plan to do another surgery, it’s definitely no question that I will come back to this Yanhee Hospital, since my feminization voice surgery  went well and smooth. One thing for sure Dr. Ornouma and staff are highly recommended for the people to go with.
Thank you all, see you guys soon.

Miss E., USA
Procedure: Voice Feminization Surgery

Dr. Ornouma has been a pleasure to work with, and her staff has made the entire process not only possible but reasonably easy. Lucel's responsiveness to emails has been a huge help, especially during the planning phase.

I am speaking again after 5 days and after one week. I am amazed with the result. Even the other doctor who is familiar with the general process has been surprised and impressed by the speed of recovery.

I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Ornouma at this point in my recovery, for voice feminization surgery.


Procedure/Surgery: Nasal Resection – Removal of Polyps

Testimonial: Over the past 10 years my ability to breathe through my nose became less and less. As the septum had been fractured badly/expected to require a major resection, however on the pre-admittance test, a mini camera was inserted into each nostril and video and still shots revealed polyps blocking both passages.

The procedure excised and removed the polyps. The overall procedure from the time/entered the hospital till the time/left was of the utmost professional standard from admin, through admittance, anesthesia, surgery and nursing aftercare. I believe that Yanhee International Hospital is a world-class hospital and I will definitely be back.


Testimonial: Having the treatment with Dr. Ornouma is very perfect in everything. She is an expert in her field. Moreover, she possesses a good social relationship with the patient. I would like to thank Yanhee International Hospital for your excellent medical services.


My experience with Dr. Ornouma was the best I could have. Dr. Ornouma is polite and answered all my questions and doubts. I’m very happy with my surgery and I will recommend Dr. Ornouma to my friends in the UK.

David Ford, England

The staffs were very quick and helpful; it made the hospital experience much more pleasant! I’m sure I will come back here! Thanks for everything.

Arnon, Thailand (half thai)

I came here in this hospital with a puzzled idea what went wrong with my voice. When I met Dr. Ornouma, I had hoarseness of voice, and then I had a check-up. We discussed about my surgery, I had full of hope to have a successful operation. One week after my surgery I came for my follow up check up with a lot better result. Now is my second week after surgery, I have seen my throat (vocal cord) and I’m very happy about the result. Besides, nurses in Yanhee are very kind and takes good care of me.

Pat, USA 

My experience was very good at all level. When I first arrive, I was assigned an English interpreter who assisted me throughout my entire stay. My procedure septoplasty was a complete success and after a two-day stay for recovery and observation, the doctor took out the gauze from my nose and it was just miraculous! I could breathe perfectly thru my nose! I haven’t been able to do that in many years. I was so pleased with the results. I gave the doctor a big hug!

Wales, UK
Surgery/Procedure: Septoplasty
Testimonial: I had just my nose done and I am so pleased with it. I had hardly any pain after the operation, and the service I received was good! I would come back to Yanhee again and again.
I want to thank all the hospital staff for the attention I received and care they gave me.
Thank you! Thank you!
Surgery/Procedure: Voice Change (Form high pitch male voice to Low pitch/ lower male voice)
Testimonial: The treatment is very good in Yanhee Hospital and I’m very glad to come here. The next three months time, I will come back here to have more procedures to do.Thanks to Dr. Ornouma and to the nurses.

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